Getting a Pesky Disc Out of Your MacBook

Just a moment ago, I had a problem with my MacBook. The friggin' disk just won't get out of my precious baby. It whines and moans once I eject it but no disc ever comes out every time I do it. I looked everywhere for a solution but none of them aided me in my ordeal.

. . . until I found a blog entry discussing one of the reasons why discs won't come out of MBs. That person had the same problem and said his disc won't come out due to a paper label taped on it; and that he had to use a very thin pliant card to get the disc out. He slipped the card under the disc, lifted it up, ejected the disc and voila! The pesky disc came out!

I tried doing that . . . but I failed.
Since I am a very clever human being, using the same principle but a different method, I also FINALLY got the disc out.

  1. Make sure your disc is mounted. If not, proceed to step 2; if it is, proceed to step 4.

  2. Open the application "Terminal" located in the Utilities folder inside the Applications folder.

  3. Type in:
    drutil tray open

    Press "return/enter."

  4. Type in:
    drutil tray eject

    ( . . . but don't press "return/enter" just yet.

  5. Flip your MB upside down, with the keyboard facing the floor.

  6. Press "return/enter."

  7. Grab some champaigne and laggers then have loads of pizzas delivered into your house.

  8. Afterwards? PNP!

I really hope I was able to help you. 'Til me next entry, mates!


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